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Installing K-Ubuntu 16.04 with LVM+LUKS Full Encryption

Kubuntu and mostly ubuntu installations comes with a very basic installer, and does not allow you to personalize the encryption, by example, if you have windows and linux together in the same hard drive, the installation won’t allow you to dual boot it, it will force you to use the whole disk, removing the existing windows partition.

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LUKS: Plausible deniability on crypto containers

Since several years, we have faced a “transparency campaign” on cryptography. That means that the cipher announces itself as an “encrypted container”. This suppose a serious risk by exposing you to a rubber-hose attack.

LUKS (Linux Unified Key Setup) which is used by common Linux distributions is not the exception. But there is a hope to provide some kind of privacy.

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Android OpenVPN CLI flasheable Installer

I developed an openvpn flasheable installer package for android. This OpenVPN,  unlike others in the play store, have the capability to run entirely from a command line based interface. This option was included on CM10.2 but they have dropped it on CM11. Now you can use it again:

Exploits Censorship

Many people wanted, many times without success, criminalize any researcher investing time in bug hunting, specially in security related applications.

In many societies, this is a TABU, some people think that found a vulnerability and develop a proof of concept, is the equivalent of making a weapon. They argue that such exploits could be used to carry attacks, at the end of day, that could affect the property and life.

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