Fedora 11 Review

Fedora 11 was released on date June 9, 2009 after a lot of delays caused by bugs in the installer. This new version of fedora is one of the best releases from fedora 1.

The main features are:

  • 20 seconds boot
  • EXT4 used by default
  • Finger print reader capacity enabled on gdm and screen savers
  • Fixes on QEMU and KVM integration
  • Kernel 2.6.29 with 2.6.30 backport
  • Realtime kernel feature, less battery consumption!
  • AES-256 use with XTS-256 by default for whole hard drive cypher
  • Yum presto (Delta RPMS)
  • Per application independent volume control
  • DNS Security
  • Less memory consumption
  • KDE 4.2 (Available from fedora 9 in updates)
  • Firefox 3.5

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