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Open Source Ethical Hacking Projects/Exploits:

URCS – Unmanarc Remote Control ServerOpenSource Remote Administration Tool designed to administrate / automate tasks on group of computers2002-2004
Exploit PoC Pending for Release AuthorizationExploit PoC Pending for Release Authorization2019
SSRF PortScanner for CVE-2014-4210CVE-2015-4210 Weaponized Into a Port Scanner Proof of Concept2020

Open Source Projects:

Project DescriptionYears
PortJammerDefensive Tool designed to prevent/counter port scanners2004-2005
sqlite3_rsyncNear real-time remote tables synchronization for SQLite3 databases2014
RPI Headless Crypto InstallerInstall Raspbian/Ubuntu OS in your Raspberry PI 3/4 with encrypted root file-system and remote SSH unlocking.2017-2020
cxFramework2C++11 Framework designed for providing highly optimized several libraries, like networking services (eg. HTTP), Advanced Multi-Threading, Ultra-Fast Optimized RPC, Authentication and Memory Management.2020
uAuditAnalyzerAdvanced Centralized Threat Detection and log monitoring integration with ELK using auditd sources.2020
lxc-remapTool for securing UID’s on LXC unprivileged containers.2020

Current Jobs:

  • Tekium – Mexico – Senior Pentester / Auditor, 0-Day Developer and Information Security Strategist for banking institutions.
  • Tekium – Intl. – (C/C++ Application Architect).
  • Moneta ATM Guard – Mexico – (C/C++ Application Architect).


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