SPAN Port / Mirroring Monitoring

Some network administrators dont know how to handle and correctly install network monitoring applications, IDS and other products who requires network traffic inspection, there is no knowledgment about how span port where designed and it limitations for full-duplex networks.

When the network are in full-duplex mode, the span port have a natural loss of packets that not vary across the hardware.
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Is C an Object Oriented Language?

C is a good and complex language, and enables you the well the memory managment, however, the original question is: can we transform C language into Object Oriented Language without modify the compiler? And the answer is: YES, we can.

We wont have all the C++ power doing this, cannot specify private/public/protected methods, hierarchy and other stuff available on C++, only will have the power to create some interface classes and fillit with functions in runtime.
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